Wooden Floor Refurbishment

Wooden Floor Refurbishment

Wooden floors, once installed, can last you a lifetime. However, With time wood floors can sustain scratches, dents, and general damage. Often, the wooden floor loses its sheen, or begins to look dull. This does not mean your wooden flooring needs replacement – you can simply refurbish it.

Our company offers wooden floor refurbishment in Dubai, and in all other Emirates in the UAE. We refurbish all kinds of wooden flooring and make it feel good as new – including hardwood parquet flooring and outdoor decking.

We make any old floor in homes, offices, sports halls, retail units, large public buildings, and wooden decking look brand new. To level the floors, we use various grinding, buff, as well as brushes, and other tools for applying finishing coatings of lacquer, oil, or hard wax. We can even replace a single damaged plank without affecting the entire floor.

wooden floor refurbishing

There are a few methods we use to refurbish indoor wood floors and outdoor hardwood flooring

Sanding and Buffing

Even though the wood floor is a durable and long-lasting product, with time it starts to struggle with imperfections, scratches, stain fading, and damages due to everyday use.

Sanding and buffering are methods of leveling wooden floors and giving them a smoother and evened-out appearance. It prepares the timber for its final finishes. Sanding is the process of removing the old damaged finish from the surface of the floor. If the top layer of the engineered planks higher quality, you can sand it 4 – 6 times and not worry about broken boards. Hardwood floors require sanding only when the finish has been completely worn through, or to repair deep scratches or other damage to the wood.

Unlike sanding, buffing leaves the wood of the floor untouched. It is mainly aimed at eliminating damage and defects in the sealant layers that protect parquet floors. You can buff your floors rather than sand them if the flooring looks dull and has minor scratches. Both sanding and buffering bring back the original look of any type of wooden parquet.

Hardwood Floor Finishes

Whether you are renovating new wooden flooring or old parquet, the challenge starts with choosing the right topcoat. The coating on hardwood floors protects the wood and brings out its natural beauty. There are many finishes, but not all of them are alike. The type of finish depends on preferences and use of the area light or heavy traffic. Some coatings are more durable than others, and they all have different qualities that affect how your floors look.

For the indoor wood flooring, we use 2 types of Lacquer, Natural Oil, and Hard Wax. Whether you’re looking for a glossy finish or something a little more matte, hardwood top coatings provide many options.

There are also different coatings for outdoor deck flooring. A penetrating finish applied to hardwood decking provides better performance and is easier to reapply.

A good quality finishing protects your wood flooring and gives it an exceptional appearance.

Our highly trained floor restoration technicians can reconstruct any damaged floor into brand new floor.
To help you take the first step in transforming your wood floor with our sanding and restoration services, we are happy to offer free, no commitment quotations and inspections.

Give us a call on +971 6 52 15 090 and we can schedule a site-inspection and give you a quick quotation on the associated costs.