Wooden Floor Cleaning

Wooden Floor Cleaning

Every day, a lot of dirt and microorganisms collect on the surface, in the scratches and joints of wooden flooring. Wood flooring is a long-term investment that can last you an entire lifetime. It can also increase the value of your property. Wooden flooring is moisture resistant, especially with the right finish. Adapting the latest advanced techniques designed for every floor surface will help to improve cleaning efficiency.

We provide wooden floor cleaning services in Dubai, UAE. Our specialty is leaning hardwood floors. We also provide floor wax cleaning, in case your oiled or lacquered finish requires cleaning and maintenance. Our wood flooring cleaning surfaces are not only limited to indoors – we also clean outdoor decks and staircases.

No matter the finish of your wood tiles, or its design, we have cleaning services for all timber surfaces. This includes cleaning of parquet flooring, hardwood flooring, oak flooring, ipe wood flooring, WPC and outdoor decking, and engineered wood flooring, and more.

We offer refreshing treatments and deep cleaning for hard waxed, oiled, lacquered floors, and outdoor wood decking. The maintenance schedule for treatment will depend on how floors are used, cleaned, exposed to sunlight. It also depends on which area they are located. Hence, there are 3 different types of maintenance – Domestic, Light Commercial and Public areas. Each of these spaces has a different method of cleaning.

Domestic Floors

Wooden flooring in households usually has light to moderate traffic. Family members and guests walk on it most frequently. This means that domestic wood flooring is easy to clean.

Light commercial Wooden Flooring

Light commercial areas are areas like offices in commercial buildings. Here, traffic and foot fall is more than you would find in residential areas. Hence, there is more damage to the wooden floor, and dirt accumulation.

Public Areas

Public areas like Shopping Malls, Restaurants & Sports Lounges have extremely high footfall. Often, they have furniture and bags dragged over them, too. These areas can sustain a lot of damage without the right maintenance and cleaning. Deep cleaning wood floors in public areas is a tough job, and requires a lot of expertise. It also needs the right deep cleaning products.

To ensure a long lasting finish, each wooden floorboard is thoroughly cleaned and brushed to emphasize the nature of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the wood. This ensures that the natural beauty of wood is sustained, along with increased longevity.
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