Wooden Floor Refurbishment

We specialise in design flooring, including wall and ceiling paneling. No matter the layout, form or colour you are looking for, we can make it happen. We can provide you with a custom-made design to make your dream come true.

Our range runs from classic house planks through creative designs as mosaic, 3D, geometrical shapes, to customers-specific products.

Floors play a vital role in the aesthetics of interior design, given the surface area they cover. Thye create a first visual impression. Play with light and use lighter shades to create a sense of more space or. If your room is large and you have enough natural light, combine it with darker shades to fill the space with elegance.

Give us a call on +971 6 52 15 090 and we can schedule a site-inspection and give you a quick quotation on the associated costs.