Wood Floor Installation

Wooden Floor Installation

You have chosen a design for the wood flooring in your home. Now,  installing your wooden floors is the next step. We supply an endless range of wood tiles, and offer wood flooring installation services in the UAE.

We install wood flooring of all kinds.This includes solid hardwood flooring, herringbone flooring, parquet flooring, oak flooring, 3D wood flooring, or WPC. Our experts are familiar with both indoor flooring and outdoor decking. Hence, we assure unmatched quality for both.

Where you want to have wooden flooring installed is no bar, either. Our company is familiar with all sorts of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Whether it’s a sports floor, office floor, or new wood tiles on your staircases – we’ve got it all covered. Our team has qualified and certified flooring installers. They are trained to install your wooden floors following the manufacturers’ guidelines.

wood flooring installation

Your hardwood, or parquet floor installation is going to require a certain finish, too, This depends on its design, and whether it’s a high traffic area. We use various installation methods to suit  your floor design and ensure its longevity.

Here are the methods we use to install hardwood flooring and outdoor decks

Nailed Down

This method is one of the most demanding types of wooden floor installation. Here, the wooden tiles and planks are nailed down. Since it is not possible to nail wood tiles onto cement, it is necessary to have wooden subfloors already installed. The nail-down method is used mainly to install hardwood floors. This is because they are prone to expansion and contraction, and are very thick.

Stapled Down

This method is very similar to the nailed down method, except that staples are used instead of nails to install the wooden floor. Staples usually give a stronger hold due to their two-pronged design. On the other hand, nails give for a more natural looking flooring layout.

Glued Down

Glued down wooden food installation also requires wooden or cement subfloor. It involves specialized adhesive, or a bonding agent to glue the boards to the subfloors. If a cement subfloor is being used, it is important to lay down a two part damp-proof membrane. This is helpful not only for the adhesive, but also to ensure water doesn’t seep through and damage the wooden flooring. The glued down method is best to install engineered wood flooring.


This is an easy method for wood floor installation. Here, the wood tiles are not attached to a sub-floor, but to each other. This is usually done by using adhesive, or a click-lock system where grooves are attached to each other. The floating method of wooden floor installation means that the entire wood floor expands together during the summers. Hence, additional expansion space is left towards the edges. This method is good for installing laminates, as well as engineered wood floors. However, it is not recommended for hardwood floors

We use innovative technology, like adjustable pedestals to elevate timber, composite or polymer decks with various assembly heights, aluminum substructure systems, and visible and hidden fastening.
We provide supply and installation services for parquet flooring, outdoor decking, staircases, cladding, ceilings, and railings all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah.

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