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Butcher & Still Restaurant

Another wonderful work by our team done in Butcher & Still restaurant. Restoration of existing solid oak parquet flooring and the bar stand, replacement of completely damaged planks. To make floors last longer we used the high-quality finishing 2K matt lacquer by WOCA Denmark for heavy traffic areas. This type has extremely strong protection, high slip resistance, and resistance to scratches & stains. This reputable steakhouse is styled to resemble the 1920s. Lounge music and the atmosphere takes you back a century and is still on-trend.

Contemporary Japanese Restaurant, DIFC

Real wooden flooring is a popular choice for most of the best restaurants. It gives elegance, beauty, and style to the interior. The hardwood floors are naturally highly durable, long-lasting, and hard-wearing. It was a pleasure to be selected to renovate one of Dubai's prestigious restaurants, ZUMA. Restoration of walnut parquet flooring and staircases. We used the high-quality finishing 2K matt lacquer by WOCA Denmark for heavy traffic areas.

Private office in DIFC, Dubai

This elegant American Walnut parquet installed in the private office in DIFC, Dubai. It has always been considered one of the most highly valued wood. Walnut is extremely robust and stable wood, therefore it is suitable not only for private use but also for commercial use. It has the special timeless classic look and easy to care of. These planks have extra width of 240 mm and 3-layer structure. The top layer and the counter-pull are each 4 mm and from the same type of wood.

Ceremony Room, Abu Dhabi

Our team installed this classic chevron engineered parquet flooring in Ceremony room in Abu Dhabi. The custom made brown colour was applied at the site after the installation. Brown is among the most prevalent hardwood floor colors. It lends itself to almost any look. We used high quality stain by WOCA Denmark. Selecting the right hardwood floor and finishing will make the floor last longer. Wood flooring is a natural combination in traditional interiors and gives welcoming and elegant look.

Lounge at Sofitel Hotel at The Palm Jumeirah

This stunning flooring laid in the lounge in Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort and SPA. We replaced the stone tiles with this beautiful appealing flooring replica of white European Oak. Combining the beautiful and natural presence of wood with all the advantages of modern resilient flooring, our flooring provides exceptional durability even in areas with high traffic. The natural colour creates a welcoming and exquisite feel. 

Corporate kitchen at the Dubai Airport

This corporate kitchen also serves as a high-end restaurant and an entertaining dining area at the Dubai Airport. It was our pleasure to satisfy our client requirement and provide with unique & stylish bespoke floor. Our team installed this lantern pattern unfinished and then used varnish for heavy traffic. The coating is the high quality product by WOCA by Denmark. The floor lacquer is highly scratch-resistant and water and chemical resistance. Combination of these quality products makes the design floor unique.

The Private Villa in Jumeirah, Dubai

Home is the family place where we are all looking for rest and peace of mind. These all can be felt by creating a delightful atmosphere in your house. For the flooring of this private villa, we used a custom-made laser-carved parquet to match the design scheme envisioned by the client.

Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi

Custom-made staircase in the sports buildings at Khalifa university Abu Dhabi, we used solid American walnut to match the interior design of all timber elements in the whole building.

Yoga Center

For this Healing and Motivational Yoga Retreat in Marmoom WildLife Sanctuary area, we used a hardwood parquet finished with a natural oil for the ultimate natural effect.

Dubai Hills Villa by Emaar

This beautiful spacious family villa in Dubai Hills – Hills Views has an elegant interior style where the traditional wood parquet — classic and timeless, adds a sophisticated pattern, look and feel to space. This house features our hard waxed oiled classic wooden planks in the SPA, bedrooms, office floors and staircases; and our hard waxed oiled stunning herringbone design parquet on the floor of reception and lounge area.

The Presidential Palace, Abu Dhabi

We are proud of this remarkable art work done by our team. This decorative geometric mosaic of wood pieces gives a sophisticated and unique look to the meeting room in The UAE Presidential Palace, Abu Dhabi.

Morimoto Restaurant

We had been invited to participate in fitting out this magnificent contemporary Japanese Restaurant "Morimoto '' on the 23rd floor in Renaissance Downtown Hotel. We used antique finish solid oak to be inline with the general interior design.

Jumeirah 2, Dubai Beach

Premium 4-sided capped composite decking by TimberTech paved by our qualified team in Jumeirah 2, Dubai Beaches. Another place where you can spend pleasant time with your family or friends. The 1600 sq.m of Tropical collection - Antigua Gold colour is warm, rich and of authentic natural texture. The material has superior surface protection from stains, mold, and mildew. No costly and time-consuming sanding, sealing, or staining required to maintain the color of our deck boards. Durable, scratch and dent resistant.

Private Villa at The Palm Jumeirah

Our client selected this elegant wood for his private villa in The Palm Jumeirah. The rich red colour of Cumaru wood stands out because of its glow and density. Other than beauty, it is excellent option for outside area as it is durable and weather-resistant. Cumaru also known as Brazilian Teak wood. More, this wood is affordable and easy to lay. Interesting fact, this tree is cultivated sometimes for its vanilla-cinnamon scented seeds. This means that when working with this wood, you receive a slight vanilla or cinnamon aroma. Cumaru is rated as very durable regarding decay resistance, with superb resistance to termites and other wood borers.

Yoga Retreat Center

For this Yoga Retreat Center in the Marmoom WildLife Sanctuary outdoor area, we used an Antigua Gold Tropical collection by TimberTech. Moderately – variegated colours showcasing a natural, wood grain pattern that resembles the look of reclaimed lumber.

The Villa

A perfectly constructed deck was installed in the private villa in Dubai Land. Merbau decking planks were fixed on an aluminum joist system over adjustable pedestals and extended with an aluminum system connector so that the entire deck width is covered.

Dubai Hills Estate Private Villas

Almost 500 sq.m of high standard composite decking Reliaboard Grey collection by TimberTech was installed for this private villa in Dubai Hills Estate. These boards imitate the look of real wood, offering all the advantages of composite decking. It helps make your outdoor space enjoyable for family and friends gathering.

Boulevard and Street Walk at The Palm Jumeirah

To achieve Nakheel vision of creating the high-end Boulevard and Street Walk along the coast on the man-made island The Palm Jumeirah, we used 23,000 sq.m. Of Legacy collection composite decking by TimberTech and was laid by our experienced & professional team.

The Private Villa at The Palm Jumeirah

For this private villa on The Palm Jumeirah, we used Merbau hardwood - one of the hardest and most durable timbers, insect, and rot-resistant. Natural wood gives an elegant look to the yard, makes it attractive to have a family time out. The total area covered by this fabulous timber is 290 sq.m.

The Palm Jumeirah Private Villa

This Tropical hardwood - IPE or Brazilian Walnut - was selected by our client for their outdoor swimming pool and leisure area in the private villa on The Palm Jumeirah. Extremely dense and durable, excellent insect resistance. It gives a warm, cozy, and inviting feeling.

Blue Water Bridge

This 350 m long footbridge linking Blue Waters Island to the Dubai coast consists of Merbau hardwood - one of the hardest and most durable timbers currently available. The total quantity of material is 2,100 sq.m.

However, despite the tough nature of the wood, our experienced team paved the bridge to an exceptionally high standard resulting in a high-quality professional finish.

Abu Dhabi Private Villa

Our client selected composite decking ReliaBoard collection - Grey by TimberTech which offers a 30 years warranty. This is a practical engineered composite decking with a 4-sided protective shell. The total covered area is 600 sq.m.