You can choose any type of floor for commercial, residential, sports floors: planks, chevron, herringbone, mosaic, 3D, and outdoor decking; you can even choose any type of finish you want. Our professional team is qualified and certified flooring Installers, trained to install the floors following the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Each flooring surface has different requirements depending on the traffic it deals with and the lives that occur around it. We are using various installation methods: nailed down, stapled down, glued down, and floating.

Usually, the planks are attached to a substructure on the corresponding parts of the building. We are using innovative, adjustable pedestals to elevate timber, composite or polymer decks with various assembly heights, aluminum substructure system, visible and hidden fastening.

We provide a complete supply and installation service of parquet flooring, decking, staircases, cladding, ceiling and railings.


With time wood floors can sustain scratches, dents, general damage or it could be you simply require a change of colour, this doesn’t mean that the floor needs to be replaced!

We make any old floor in homes, offices, sports halls, retail units, large public buildings, and wooden decking look brand new. To level the floors, we use various grinding, buffer as well as brushes and other tools for applying finishing coatings of lacquer, oil or hard wax. We can even replace a single damaged plank without affecting the entire floor.

Our highly trained floor restoration technicians can reconstruct any damaged floor into brand new floor.

To help you take the first step in transforming your wood floor with our sanding and restoration services, we are happy to offer free, no commitment quotations and inspections.

With wood, the damage isn’t permanent!


Every day, a lot of dirt and microorganisms collect on the surface, in the scratches and joints of wooden flooring. Wood flooring is a long-term investment that can last you an entire lifetime. It can also increase the value of your property. Wooden flooring is moisture resistant, especially with the right finish. Adapting the latest advanced techniques designed for every floor surface will help to improve cleaning efficiency.

We offer refreshing treatments and deep cleaning for hard waxed, oiled, lacquered floors, and outdoor wood decking. The maintenance schedule for treatment will depend on how floors are used, cleaned, exposed to sunlight. It also depends on which area they are located. Hence, there are 3 different types of maintenance – Domestic, Light Commercial and Public areas. Each of these spaces has a different method of cleaning.

Each board is thoroughly cleaned and brushed to emphasize the nature of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the wood.


We specialise in design flooring, including wall and ceiling paneling. No matter the layout, form or colour you are looking for, we can make it happen. We can provide you with a custom-made design to make your dream come true.

Our range runs from classic house planks through creative designs as mosaic, 3D, geometrical shapes, to customers-specific products.

Floors play a vital role in the aesthetics of interior design, given the surface area they cover. Thye create a first visual impression. Play with light and use lighter shades to create a sense of more space or. If your room is large and you have enough natural light, combine it with darker shades to fill the space with elegance.

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We specialize in high-end parquet and outdoor decks with the passion to deliver both small- and large-scale projects, in accordance with the leading wood floors Associations standards.